specialists in procurement services and


our services

With specialist knowledge and experience in procurement and related fields, EPS offers services and solutions in the following areas:

procurement services and solutions

coaching and mentoring

  • Strategy development including maturity modelling and roadmaps
  • Review and development of procurement policies, procedures and processes
  • Procurement project management and provision of procurement contract resources
  • Category review, analysis, and sourcing strategies
  • Tender planning, tender management and contract negotiation
  • Contract management and review
  • Review and development of templates, models and pro forma procurement documents.
    • Mentoring and support for staff working in procurement roles and projects
    • Advice and guidance for organisations working towards improving procurement maturity and capability
    • Support and guidance for procurement projects.


    • Development and delivery of training in specific areas or across all aspects of procurement
    • Best practice procurement training tailored to your needs
    • Introduction to procurement training for management and non-procurement staff.

    our experience


    • Central agencies
    • Crown entities
    • Defence
    • Education
    • Emergency services
    • Environment and conservation
    • Health
    • Justice (including Police)
    • Not for profit
    • Private sector
    • Public Sector
    • Social Services

    • All-of-Government
    • Construction
    • Corporate services (including advertising and travel)
    • Facilities / facilities management
    • Government policy initiatives
    • Health services
    • IT and ICT
    • Plant and equipment
    • Professional services
    • Property
    • Utilities (electricity and reticulated gas)
    • Warehousing and distribution

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